The View from Here

A collection of photographs
Artist Reception June 4th, 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Show runs through June

"I make art because I must. I watch the light moving across the landscape, or across walls in my office and must capture the process." - Jim Trivelpiece

This is a group of beautiful  landscape photographs of the Palouse.
Some are in very large format. Stunning.

"I am a photographer. I am a psychotherapist. I have a Mark Rothko calendar on my wall. I studied photography and sculpture at University of Oregon. I took a class in college that required me to write my own epitaph. I met my wife in my first photography class. I have lived in Palouse for 27 years."

"I am a husband, father and a grandfather. I am an intuitive introverted character type. I don’t understand sports that use a ball. I have skied off the summit of Mt. Adams a number of times. I enjoyed visiting Mexico City."

"I do not believe in a supreme being that created the universe. I have visited a synagogue and a mosque. I saw Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan in concert. I attended lectures by Andy Warhol, Allan Ginsberg and Timothy Leary. I met Rose Kennedy twice, on two coasts. I heard my mother say that her family had a homestead in a place called Harlem, but she did not know that Harlem is in New York City. I heard my father say that he had to quit 8th grade to manage the family farm."

"I want to make art using seed, land and farm equipment. I get a number of voice mail messages each day but do not like returning them. I do my artwork on a computer that looks out over the Palouse."

"I do not like cheeseburgers. I have made a number of sculptures of things melting. I am fascinated when things that change shape. I believe in indeterminancy and chance as an artistic method. I was once in a performance piece that reenacted a work by John Cage and wore a costume of steel stovepipe. I visited New York City the same weekend as four other people from my home-town, and we never ran into each other. I sometimes listen to Bach Cantatas played on cello when I make my art."

"The pieces in this show are photographs shot with a digital camera. Some of the pieces are single exposures. Others are constructed of multiple exposures and pasted together on the computer. The wall-hung works are produced using archival quality inks and acid free paper."

-- Jim Trivelpiece

The Bank Left Gallery -- 100 South Bridge Street, Palouse, WA 99161

Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm, or by appointment
Nelson Duran and Pamela Duran, 509.878.8425