Opening Reception with Artist February 4th, 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Wine & refreshments
Show runs through February

"Each piece of wood is a miracle. I'm grateful that I get to hold the tools."
- John Elwood

John Elwood was born August 12, 1951 in Pullman, Washington. He lived in Albion and attended Pullman schools through his freshman year at Washington State University. In 1969, he left the Palouse for a year and attended two quarters at Portland State University. Following that, he worked on the Ozette Village archaeological site until the end of 1970. John eventually relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area, living in East Palo Alto and working at a medical clinic in Menlo Park. It was during this period that he built his first dulcimer, at the Genet Nicho Guitar Shop in Mountain View California.John spent several years on the southern Oregon coast before meeting Sally Burkhart on a visit to Albion, which began a fruitful musical partnership, as well as a family. He and Sally have lived in rural Whitman County ever since.  They have two sons, Robin Elwood and Brendan Burkhart.  In 1996, John returned part-time to Washington State University, and he earned his bachelors degree there in 2001.John currently works as a piano technician, which subidizes his instrument-building activities.  His future intentions include shifting emphasis toward building instruments, songwriting, performing and working with his children.

The Bank Left Gallery -- 100 South Bridge Street, Palouse, WA 99161

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