International Wildlife Photography Exhibit

Opening Reception with the Artist on July 8, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Wine and Refreshments

The exhibit runs from July 8 to July 29

Dave Ostrom has been photographing wildlife for the last 20 years throughout the world. He has traveled to 8 African countries, south to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica, and as far north as Churchill Manitoba. Most of his work has been shared in slide shows for groups such as grade school classes and senior centers. His fulltime job is as the Director of Communication and Network Services in the office of Information Technology Services for Washington State University where he has worked for over 36 years.

"First and foremost I enjoy sharing images of the wildlife of the world with others in the hope that they gain the same respect that I have for the wildlife and in protecting wildlife habitat. Towards this goal I have traveled to many locations throughout the world and will continue to seek out new locations. However I also concentrate on Africa due to its incredible diversity of wildlife. I have also photographed several times at game farms located in the USA to share images of those animals that are difficult to photograph in the wild. Some might question this activity however it is consistent with my goals. I will always label these images as being “photographed in controlled conditions” so that there is no deception in offering the image.

In addition to selling framed photographs I have also presented slide shows for grade school children and for senior citizens. In doing this I show images that help to increase the understanding of the behavior of the wildlife as well as the photographs that show their beauty and/or uniqueness. Examples include the “necking” matches between giraffes that is used to establish dominance between males and a penguin holding an egg on it’s feet in order to keep it warm. I am always amazed by the reaction of children to these slide shows. They appreciate the photography (and comment on the composition of my photographs), they retain information that I have shared, and they always ask questions that encourage me to undertake further investigations. Teachers and activity directors are encouraged to contact me if they are interested in hosting a slide show.

Please enjoy the photography that is being shown in the gallery and if you are interested in an image please ask me about it. For many of my images I can share information regarding the circumstances under which the photograph was taken. As an example the photograph of the group of lions was taken as an elephant walked by. Prior to that time all of the animals were sleeping and if photographed at that time would have been far less interesting.

Thank you for your interest in attending this show."

- Dave Ostrom

The Bank Left Gallery -- 100 South Bridge Street, Palouse, WA 99161

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