The Palouse: New Images of Traditional Themes

Opening Reception with the Artist Saturday August 5th from 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Musical performance by Palouse musician Paul Smith
The second floor of the gallery will exhibit the work of various regional artists

The exhibit runs from August 5th through the 30th

"I’ve been photographing the Inland Northwest for over 15 years, with the rolling hills of the Palouse region as a primary subject and continuing inspiration. The graceful curves of undulating hills and the open vistas of ever-changing shadow and color have offered me endless opportunities for photography. Weathered and tilting old buildings that punctuate the Palouse landscape provide textural contrast to the subtle hills and a glimpse of past inhabitants that beg inquiry: 'Who lived here?'… 'Who were they?' …'Why did they leave?'..."

"This exhibit displays my new photographs of the hills and old homesteads in a traditional style of un-manipulated photographs printed from transparencies (not digital originals) onto long-lasting photographic and watercolor papers. The second part of the show presents my new whimsical, very colorful takes on Palouse subjects, created by digitally manipulating my original images in Photoshop and printed on long-lasting photographic paper."

"Thanks to all of the residents and visitors of the Palouse who have supported my work so enthusiastically over the years!"

- Alison Meyer

Since 1991, Alison Meyer has been a professional photographer in North Idaho , selling her photographs to thousands of customers world-wide. Alison’s award-winning photography is sold in galleries, shops, art shows, and on the web. Her prints are displayed in private and public collections around the world, including in US, Japanese, and Australian government offices, and in homes and work places on six continents. Alison's images have appeared in magazine and book publications including Atlantic Monthly Magazine, Idaho Wildlife Magazine, A Bond with the Wild and A Birder's Guide to Idaho, as well as in calendars, newspaper articles, advertisements, and promotional brochures. Alison was also a featured artist in the Idaho Public TV documentaries, "Visions on the Palouse" and “Picturing Idaho”.

The Bank Left Gallery -- 100 South Bridge Street, Palouse, WA 99161

Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm, or by appointment
Nelson Duran and Pamela Duran, 509.878.8425