The Bank Left Gallery featured artists for November are Sculptor Gina Murray and Photographer George Bedirian from Pullman, Washington. George Bedirian will also be signing his book, Palouse Country. This book was published in 1987 - Palouse Country: An Essay in Photographs, followed by the WSU Press edition of Palouse Country in 2002.

The Opening Reception with artists is on November 4th from 1:00pm - 5:00pm.
In addition there will be a musical performance by Pullman musician
Caroline Hilty-Jones Germain and friends.

The exhibit runs from November 4th through the 29th

Gina Murray has been sculpting and exhibiting her art since 1981. She works with a variety of mediums including stone, wood and glass.

At nineteen she carved her first stone and knew at that instant that she had discovered her life’s passion. She earned a Master’s Degree in Studio Art and apprenticed with a European master carver, honing her carving skills to the strong sensuous style present in her creations today.

Inspired by the Northwest glass movement, she studied glass fusing and casting at Pratt Fine Art Center to develop expertise in this ancient medium.

Born in New York, Gina has exhibited her work throughout the United States and has art collectors as far away as Japan.

In addition to his photographs of the Palouse, George Bedirian is a story-teller through cultural photography. This award winning photographer says:

"As a result of travels to Nicaragua and Armenia, my photographic horizons expanded dramatically, first in 1990 and again in 1994. Photographing the people I encountered in Nicaragua opened up a new world of possibility to me. Suddenly, photography became a means of expressing solidarity with the human family and of overcoming barriers to understanding. But in Nicaragua I only had time to explore the fringes of that world."

"In Armenia , where I lived for three months, I was able to go deeper. Not only had the country just emerged from 70 years of Soviet rule, but it was plagued by economic collapse and rampant unemployment. So I endeavored to explore with my camera the tension, brought about by this state of affairs, between the traditional fabric of Armenian life and the forces that were causing that fabric to unravel."

The Bank Left Gallery -- 100 South Bridge Street, Palouse, WA 99161

Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm, or by appointment
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