The Bank Left Gallery

Las Mujeres Apasionadas

The November exhibit at the Bank Left Gallery is composed of
sculptures and drawings by the artist Carol Bradford
and photography by Peter Vincent.

The opening reception with the artists
is November 8th, from 1:00pm - 5:00pm.

The exhibit runs from November 8th until the 30th

Carol Bradford studied art in New York at Columbia University, Grinnell College, and the University of Idaho. She has an undergraduate degree in English and art from Grinnell and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Idaho.

Raised in Minnesota, she lived in Oregon in the 1970’s and moved to the Palouse in 1981. She is a manual and massage therapist with a practice in Moscow and Kendrick, Idaho. Her ceramic sculptures and drawings have been exhibited throughout the Pacific Northwest, parts of the Midwest and San Diego.


Her art is deeply introspective - a personal reflection of herself, her relationships, and her life. Often reflecting upon classical and Greek Myths, she contemplates her life from a vision of her own nude body. The poetry that results is a complex interaction between the physical and metaphysical.

A male friend looking at her art commented, “I like it. I think it’s sexy.”

Another artist said, “I like art and writing to be down and dirty. It should hit a raw nerve. A writer once commented that all you had to do to write was bleed all over the page, the rest is technicalities. That’s what I like about Carol’s art. She bleeds all over it.”


Peter Vincent’s work represents forty years of photographic and artistic exploration, including work with the American landscape, minimalist and formalistic abstract images and pieces involving popular culture, which he continually returns to.

For the past fifteen years or so, he has focused on the unique subculture of the American Hot Rod & Custom Car, an interest of mine since his grade school days in California. His visual interests centered on the land speed racing culture, which was, and still is, at the roots of the hot rod culture.

This culture was formed on the dry lakes of southern California in the 1930's and coincidentally, it was at this same period of time that Ansel Adams and Edward Weston formed the f64 Group of photographers in northern California around Monterey the San Francisco Bay Area. Both of these events had a profound and lasting effect on his life.

During the eighties, they began to coincide and finally, in the past decade, joined together, focusing on a vision that has taken him back to his roots in photography, as well as his roots with the hot rod culture. He is satisfying inner visions by bringing together both of these passions in his life.

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