The Bank Left Gallery

"Installations, Love, and Environment"

The Bank Left Gallery is proud to present installations by late WSU Sociology Professor and Affiliated Professor of Fine Arts, Eugene A. Rosa. Gene was an environmentalist and artist who focused on social, political, and cultural issues and their impact on the environment.

The Bank Left will be presenting 48 pieces of his work: Installations, Love, and Environment on October 18. The opening reception is from 12:00pm - 3:00pm with a Luncheon/Autumn Tea at the Bank Left Bistro from 12:00 - 2:00.

The term Ecolage is used to describe much of Gene's art. In Gene's words, Ecolage emphasizes the manipulation of ordinary or found objects to produce new forms of reality. At its core, Ecolage is an artistic expression of ecological sensibility. This is not a passive outcome of art for art's sake, but an active relationship between the artist and the world...   Ecolage can provide both the mental template and aesthetic sensibility needed to guide our solutions. As art, it springs from the same creative urge as does science and technology. It is another rationality, another tool of human creation. And many tools are needed...

Gene's work was interdisciplinary and influential among scholars in the social, ecological and physical sciences. One major focus of his work was the importance of a larger vision to deal with waste. What are the earth's ecological limits for absorbing the garbage of high modernism?

The Bank Left is very honored to exhibit his work.

This Exhibit runs from October 18 - November 1
Art Exhibit Free to the Public

For more information about the exhibit and luncheon,
email, or call 509-878-1800

Biosketch: Eugene A. Rosa

Recent Recognition

  • 2011 WSU College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Career Achievement in Scholarship Award
  • 2011 Boeing Distinguished Professor of Environmental Sociology
    Edward R. Meyer Distinguished Professor of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy in the Thomas S. Foley Institute of Public Policy at Washington State University
  • Previous Appointments
    Visiting Scholar, Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University
    Scientific Committee, DIVERSITAS of UNESCO and the International Conference of
    Science (ICSU)

Recent Publications

  • "Choking on Modernity: A Human Ecology of Air Pollution." Social Problems. (with Richard York).
  • "Collective Hunch? Risk as the Real and the Elusive." Journal of Environmental Studies and Science (with Lee Clarke).
  • "The Environmental Efficency of Well-Being: A Cross-national Analysis." Social Science Research (with Kyle Knight).
  • Human Footprints on the Global Environment Threats to Sustainability. Edited by Eugene A. Rosa, Andreas Diekmann, Thomas Dietz, and
    Carlo C. Jaeger.

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