The Bank Left Gallery

We have available the work of the following artists on a continuing basis:

  • Crista Ames: ceramic artist
  • George Bedirian: photography
  • Prisha Brown: woven jewelry
  • Valerie Boydo: sculpture, jewelry
  • Judy Cochran: weaver
  • Louise Colson: fused glass
  • Linda Dillard: oils
  • Nelson Duran: acrylics, mixed media
  • John Elwood: dulcimers, jewelry, music
  • Rhea Giffin: paper mache
  • Margaret Gregg: ceramics
  • Tamara Helm: oils
  • Jerome Land: mixed media paintings
  • Ryan Law: wildlife sculpture
  • Alison Meyer: photography
  • Gina Murray: limestone, wood and glass sculpture
  • Tina Ochs: oils, acrylics
  • Paul Smith: music
  • Carrie Vielle: charcoal painting and mixed media
  • Ellen Vieth: oils
  • Nancy Wriggle: mixed media
  • Fil Dominguez: photography
  • Guy Baldovi: encaustics
  • James Reid: music
  • Susan Weaver: jewelry
  • Nicole Taflinger: oils
  • Patrick Siler: ink and charcoal
  • Ross Coates: mixed media
  • Marilyn Lysohir: ceramic sculpture
  • Connie Schaut: textiles
  • Gloria Reeves: carpets
  • Dan Kiessling: oils
  • Jen Scott: photography
  • Zach Mazur: photography
  • Gene Rosa: mixed media
  • Virginia Davies: glass bead work
  • Judy Finch and Pam Colbert: mixed media
  • Kristen Jones: textiles
  • Armando Pacheco: ceramic sculpture
  • Betty Jo Fitzgerald: mixed media
  • Susan Swan: watercolors
  • Laurel Macdonald: block print making
  • Jeff Crimmins: wood work

The Bank Left Gallery
Fine Art & Design

The Old Bank Building
100 South Bridge Street
PO Box 81
Palouse, WA 99161

Nelson Duran
and Pamela Duran

Thur - Sat,
Thur - Sat,

Dinners by reservation only